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ClearMind is your trusted technology partner in developing business solutions for your organization. When you work with ClearMind, you will:

  • Keep a clear goal in view
  • Receive excellent, thorough technology services
  • Employ contemporary technology in your organization
Look at some work

salesforceEverything lives in “the cloud”, and it requires intelligent technology planning and integration to connect it all together.  By working with us, databases of content, feeds of data from other websites, or connections to Salesforce or Facebook, are what you can expect from our services.

druplicon.small_Initially with a focus on Drupal, ClearMind Consulting can build and maintain your Drupal, WordPress, or Moodle website.  Hosting, security, updates, uptime, and backups are handled as a matter of course.

hipaa_compliance_sealIf everything is connected on the internet, then everything is connected to something potentially dangerous.  Let ClearMind help you work through security incidents, compliance issues with HIPAA  or FERPA, or planning for a new partnership or initiative with sensitive data.

What You Can Expect

An Assessment of Needs and Goals

You can expect listening and sponging from us – we will strive to understand and take on your organization’s goals and problems as if they are our own.  Among other things, this work will lead to the creation of either a needs assessment or a requirements document.

Development and Iteration

You can expect us to get to work, on our own as much as possible and with frequent feedback to you.  We won’t expect to get it right the first time, so we expect both iteration while we develop, and to create your technology tools with an eye to a changing future landscape.

Leadership and Stewardship

You can expect us to help you navigate the transition to the presence of new digital tools.  We will treat both the tools and our relationship with you with stewardship.  We’ll also demonstrate leadership whenever possible on what the changing world may hold for your overall business strategies – because, after all, you engaged us with an eye towards a strategic vision for your organization.

FAQ – ClearMind Consulting

031915_revv-31-downscaledClearMind Consulting is a Cloud and Data-focused programming company, based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Originally focused on web programming, server administration, and database integrations, ClearMind now implements data-rich solutions in a variety of business contexts.  

How does ClearMind bill for its work?

You can expect to receive an estimate, which will specify expected investments or fees.  For instance, if your organization needs web management, we’ll specify a monthly rate and a process in case there are changes to the scope of the work.  If your organization is transitioning to a new system, we’ll specify an expected cost for each stage of the project.  We strive for transparency in each step of this process.

How does ClearMind build a team?

ClearMind runs as a very lean team, with collaborators brought in on an as needed basis.  Currently (as of March 2015) there are a few collaborators but no regular team members.  The technology world changes quickly, and ClearMind strives to pull in the right partners at the right time.

Solutions Consultation

Let us talk through a technology goal or problem you already have, in a no-obligation 30 minute video conference.

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